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2011-11-16 13:41:17
Understand Realtor Lingo! MLS 101
FYI & BTW I will send you a list of acronyms and FAQ's ASAP! LOL TTYL!
We realtors also have a series of acronyms and terms, which, if we're not careful, we drop every now and then without appreciating that our audience (you) may not be familiar.
The MLS & other symbols of Real Estate
To this end, today's blog addresses some of our 'realtornyms' starting with MLS...
MLS stands for 'Multiple Listing Service'.  Unless a home is specifically exempted from the MLS, EVERY home up for sale which is listed by a real estate agent  will be listed in the MLS.  It's amazingly comprehensive and allows an agent working for you to find homes that are exactly within your specifications.
There is no public access to the MLS as it is utilized strictly among the real estate professionals.  I have seen online feeds that give home buyers the impression that they are looking at the MLS, but these sources are, in fact, very limited in scope and are often outdated and inaccurate.  Don't worry, as a realtor professional, I love my work and enjoy exploring the MLS in your behalf - and THERE'S NO CHARGE!
At Equity Real Estate, we can set you up on a 'home search website' that will give very comprehensive data on a home, very much like the data that we see on the MLS. In addition, for homes that you earmark or 'save', we will provide you with up-to-the-minute emails for any updated listings, price changes, homes coming off the market, etc. 
Call me (Eric) at (801) 651-3071 or visit us at www.easyutahhomesearch.com for all of your Utah real estate needs.  Your HOME is one of the most important components of YOUR LIFE!  At Equity Real Estate, our realtors have the compassion, the experience and the know-how to deal with all of your real estate needs, whether they are immediate or long term.  
In case you didn't already know, we're ready to explain other odd acronyms and terms that we use such as 'short sale', 2 and a half bath (what's a 'half bath'?), 4B/2B instead of R2D2, HWF, FDR and CMA.   Whatever the terms, give us a call at (801) 651-3071 or check out our website at www.easyutahhomesearch.com.
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