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2011-12-13 13:10:19
Homeowners Insurance - a Poem

the fire burns, the tornado blows

the basement flooded with a leaking hose

the burglar entered, the earthquake hit

the renters left me a pile of…spit

the neighbor slipped while playing Kris Kringle

on a windy day, it was a flying shingle

that broke the neighbors window pane

followed by damage in a torrential rain

now this could cost me a lot of dough

Tornado - Utah Realtor can help with Insurancejust think of the destruction from that lava flow

not worried about that slide of mud and sand

I’m thoroughly covered by my insurance man.

Cute as the poem is, home insurance, which is also known as homeowner’s insurance (HOI) or hazard insurance, is a very important part of your home-owning ‘package’.  HOI policies usually cover five (5) classifications of coverage (Dwelling, Other Structures, Personal Property, Loss of Use and Additional Coverages (such as removal of debris)).  In other words, it is NOT a simple matter.  In additional, WATCH OUT for the typical EXEMPTIONS that normal home insurance does NOT cover: damage caused by WARS, FLOODS and TERMITES….can you believe it?!

SO, if you are buying a home, or currently own a home, reviewing your insurance coverage and needs is a great idea.  Get with an insurance person – this will be an hour well spent! 

In the meantime, IF you are in the market to BUY or SELL a home in the lovely state of UTAH, an expert in realty issues and in the art of buying or selling your home would be Eric Lee.   Eric is at Equity Real Estate and he has the experience and the know-how to help with your real estate needs, immediate or long term.  He can be reached at (801) 651-3071 or check out his website at www.easyutahhomesearch.com.  Blog by Mark J Whitlock.

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