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2011-12-27 08:21:56
Odds & Ends - Superstitions & Saint Joseph

In the world of real estate, and the thousands of realtors who work long, unrelenting hours away from home and hearth, helping you to sell your home or to buy that home, there’s a world of details to learn and master.  From the bag of trivia, here are some of my favorites among the trivia masters of real estate and realty!

According to Feng Shui (Chinese for ‘wind-water’), the art of ideal home placement, to create a happy, prosperous home, the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water must be balanced in a harmonious environment.  Among the Feng Shui ideas for selling your home (or what to look for when buying a home that has ‘positive energy’), add RED or bright YELLOW flowering plants along the walkways, clear away clutter, keep stove burners clean and light the pathway to your front door.  Space your furniture to avoid a cramped room and keep live plants in ‘left side’ corners…

My Catholic friends often defer to the patron saint against doubt and hesitation, St. Joseph, when selling their home.  The ‘procedure’ is to buy a 4 inch tall St. Joseph statue (around $10) and bury it in your front yard facing the street near the ‘for sale’ sign.  Tradition has it that leaving St. Joseph buried for at least 3 days should ensure a home sale.  After selling the home, the statue should be dug up and kept in a position of respect.

Saint Joseph patron saint of home buyers sellers(Even with Feng Shui and St. Joseph, a realtor can still be essential for broad MLS listings, help with appraisals and inspections, financing and title issues…).

There’s a common belief, superstition, tradition that a scent can sell a home. There’s no doubt that a really bad odor can hurt a home sale even if it’s an amazing bargain.  The idea is that a property that smells like fresh cookies has the best advantage towards being sold.  (I like the idea that those fresh baked cookies were left out for the realtor and the potential home buyers….don’t forget to leave some cold milk in the frig too!)!

Because bad news hates salt and onions, I’ve heard an old superstition that putting a pinch of salt in all the corners of every room, and burying onion halves on each side of the front door will ‘scare away’ negative impressions!

Hang a small brass bell on a red ribbon outside the front door.  Place TV’s and electrical items in the northeast of your home; mirrors work best in the east, southeast and the north areas of your home for ‘strength of attraction’.  If your cat seems comfortable at a house you are considering to buy, this is a good omen.  Cutting lemons, dabbing vanilla on light bulbs and placing a comb under your bed will help with prosperity and luck – this works whether you are buying or selling your home.

Be they old wives tales or if they have some legitimacy, most of these efforts can’t hurt.  Having a great real estate agent WILL make a difference in buying or selling your home. Eric Lee, with the Equity Real Estate office in the glorious state of Utah, can help you with all of your realty needs, whether you are in the market to BUY or SELL a home.  Eric can be reached at (801) 651-3071 or go to his website at www.easyutahhomesearch.com.  From all of us at Equity Real Estate, may you and yours have a Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 2012!

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