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2012-01-03 10:35:02
$100 Down to Buy a HUD Home!

Imagine being able to buy a home for only $100 down!  Add to that fact that the house price could also be a jaw-dropping bargain!  Read on!

If you are buying a home and have been looking online at homes-for-sale, you may have run across some properties with a very low sale price and the following statement attached (you can see excellent examples of this on my website www.easyutahhomesearch.com):

NOTE: This property is possibly a HUD Owned property. Please contact us for more information regarding the purchase of HUD Owned properties.

HUD Homes for $100 Down at Equity Real Estate UtahHUD stands for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development which was founded in 1965 to develop and execute policies on housing and metropolises (not an easy word to say).

Over the past 45+ years of its history, HUD has had some notable successes and failures in managing its operations.  To its credit, thousands of senior citizens throughout the United States have been given the opportunity to continue to live independently instead of in an institutional facility such as a nursing home.

HUD’s programs offer low down-payment loans to primary-owner occupants for buying and renovating a house.  As with all economic cycles, HUD occasionally takes possession of a home when a lender it is insuring forecloses on the home.  Such properties are then generally sold off through the HUD auction process to the highest bidder.  This kind of a home is often referred to as a ‘HUD home’.

If you are looking for a primary residence, you may qualify for a special concession from HUD which allows you to buy a HUD Home with only a $100 down payment.  One of the requirements for this special concession is that you make a full-price offer to HUD using FHA-insured mortgage financing.

The opportunities are far and few in between, and, the complexity of meeting the HUD requirements are just enough that it is highly recommended that you get the help of a realtor or real estate agent when considering the buying of a HUD home.

As you begin 2012, we at Equity Real Estate hope that you are optimistic about your opportunities for growth, wealth and happiness.  Eric Lee, with Equity Real Estate in the wintry state of Utah, can help you with all of your realty needs, whether you are in the market to BUY or SELL a home.  Eric can be reached at (801) 651-3071 or go to his website at www.easyutahhomesearch.com.  Check us out if you are buying a home or selling a home; we will make a difference.

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